Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Uudised / News

Terve kaikille!
Tere kõigile! / Hi all!

As you have noticed this blog has been very quiet lately! The reason for this is that since September I have been learning Lithuanian at the university. I have been using some of my spare time to practise by blogging/posting in the language on Journey into Lithuanian. The course lasted a semester (14 weeks) and in January 2013 there will be the end of course exam.

Then, once that hurdle has been jumped I will study my Estonian for taking the Estonian language B1 state exam in February 2013. Eventually I want to be comfortable enough in Estonian to sit the B2 exam (maybe also in 2013).

Don't expect any any new posts here until March, until after I sit the B1 exam. In the meantime I want to focus on my Lithuanian and then on my Estonian.

Hyvää Joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta!
Häid jõulupühi ja head uut aastat!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!